The Beach Is So Fun!!!

I love going to the beach!!! We went last weekend. It was awesome! whenever my family goes to the beach, my dad digs a hole in the sand, puts me in it, puts the sand on top of me and carves a mermaid out of it. this time dad made Kyle a octopus with one of his tentacles wrapping around me!!!!!!!

You can see a picture of me below.


I LOVE Doh Vinci!!!

I think Doh Vinci is awesome!!!!! Today I just finished the Vanity Design Kit. It is soooo cool!!

My video is above and I demonstrate how to use this cool new toy. Doh Vinci is made by the same people that originally created Play Doh!

If you are a girl who likes crafts, I think you will love it too !!


I opened a Spa in my Bedroom!!

I made a spa in my room!!!!! I gave my family each a spa treatment with facials, massages, and lotion. Look at Kyle getting his facial!!!

Here’s how you can start a spa in your room too!!!

1. music Go to youtube and search ” spa music” that’s the relaxing music that you’ll use.

2. essential oils Use the diffuser to diffuse lemon or peppermint oils. That is the spa scent.

3. facial Get a washcloth and put it under warm water for your customers face. Also cut two cucumber slices for their eyes.

4. lotion and massage  Get good-smelling lotion and massage it into the costomers skin.

5. manicure  If your customer is a girl, you can paint her nails.


Have fun at your spa!!!!!!!

My Motivational Swimming Quote


isn’t on the other team,in the other league, or from

a different country. She’s tougher than all of them

combined. She’s that reflection you see every time

you rise for a breath. She’s always just a bit in front

of you. And she can never be beaten, which can be

a blessing and a curse. Because your toughest

competitor  and your biggest champion is


Kenzie Backstroke Kennett

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince #harrypotter #diagonalley

I love to read!!! I actually read about 6 hours per day. Last summer I read the first four Harry Potter books an in the winter I read the fifth one and  now I just finished the sixth one. I can’t wait to read the seventh one.


I’ve been to Universal twice and Hogsmeade was amazing! I got to get two wands. I got Ginny and Hermione’s wands.

Also, I love Honeydukes! The chocolate frogs are my favorite. They come with cool cards. you can get Dumbledore, Godric Gyffindor, Salazar Slytherin , Helga Hufflepuff, or Rowena Ravenclaw.


Did you notice I put my Potter stuff in the shape of an “H” for Harry?