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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince #harrypotter #diagonalley

I love to read!!! I actually read about 6 hours per day. Last summer I read the first four Harry Potter books an in the winter I read the fifth one and  now I just finished the sixth one. I can’t wait to read the seventh one.


I’ve been to Universal twice and Hogsmeade was amazing! I got to get two wands. I got Ginny and Hermione’s wands.

Also, I love Honeydukes! The chocolate frogs are my favorite. They come with cool cards. you can get Dumbledore, Godric Gyffindor, Salazar Slytherin , Helga Hufflepuff, or Rowena Ravenclaw.


Did you notice I put my Potter stuff in the shape of an “H” for Harry?


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