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The Beach Is So Fun!!!

I love going to the beach!!! We went last weekend. It was awesome! whenever my family goes to the beach, my dad digs a hole in the sand, puts me in it, puts the sand on top of me and carves a mermaid out of it. this time dad made Kyle a octopus with one of his tentacles wrapping around me!!!!!!!

You can see a picture of me below.


2 thoughts on “The Beach Is So Fun!!!

  1. I love the video of Kyle as the octopus & you as the mermaid, Kenzie!

    Nate and Cole love to get buried in the sand but usually just go with a plain old hole. I’ll have to tell Jon that he has to step it up like your Dad next time and make them some sort of creative sea creature! 😉

  2. kenziepadilla says:

    I hope we all get invited on the same beach trip!! Then we can get buried in the sand as sea creatures together!!!

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