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I opened a Spa in my Bedroom!!

I made a spa in my room!!!!! I gave my family each a spa treatment with facials, massages, and lotion. Look at Kyle getting his facial!!!

Here’s how you can start a spa in your room too!!!

1. music Go to youtube and search ” spa music” that’s the relaxing music that you’ll use.

2. essential oils Use the diffuser to diffuse lemon or peppermint oils. That is the spa scent.

3. facial Get a washcloth and put it under warm water for your customers face. Also cut two cucumber slices for their eyes.

4. lotion and massage  Get good-smelling lotion and massage it into the costomers skin.

5. manicure  If your customer is a girl, you can paint her nails.


Have fun at your spa!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “I opened a Spa in my Bedroom!!

  1. I love this, Kenzie!! I may have to come over for a spa treatment soon at your house! 😉

  2. Sharyn says:

    When is my appt for my spa treatments!!!!

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