I have a Spelling Bee Tomorrow!

I can’t wait! I got chosen to be in the spelling bee! Here’s my list of words: (sense there’s 197 words, I’ll only write the harder ones. top 20)

  1. stubborn
  2. decision
  3. ideally
  4. barbecue
  5. receiving
  6. playwright
  7. opponent
  8. permanent
  9. listener
  10. writing
  11. railroad
  12. final
  13. polar
  14. council
  15. amateur
  16. genius
  17. fascinate
  18. fiery
  19. license
  20. knowledge

Can you spell them all?

P.S- the real reason I’m doing this is because I learned that typing words help you remember them ūüėČ

6 Favorite Memories from the Disney Social Media Mom Celebration #disneySMMC

The social media moms celebration was so fun at Disney! These are 6 of my FAVORITE memories.

1. The cold smoking popcorn that actually smokes when you bite it!


2. I got to see my friends Kayla and Livie – they live in Arizona and we last saw them 4 years ago at the Disney conference!!!


3. I went on Mt. Everest(Expedition Everest) for the first time ever Р it was AWESOME!

(And, yes, I look VERY scared in the photo too!)


4. Filming on the seven dwarfs mine train – This new Magic Kingdom ride is so fun! We rode it again and again and again!


5. Seeing Inside-Out – we only saw 2/3 of the movie, but I loved it. It hits theaters in June!

Inside Out Images

6. Having the MagicBand for the first time EVER and Fastpass+. They are awesome!  


Scoop on the Disney Descendants #DisneySMMC #DisneyDescendants

Did you hear about the Disney Descendants yet??? This is an awesome book called isle of the lost: about all the villains after the happily ever afters!

We got a free copy at the Disney Social Media celebration and my Mom let me have the book to read first!

They all get banished to an island with no magic for forever( A.K.A: 10 years) the villains kids are the main characters creulla de vil, malifecent, evil queen, etc. then they have 1 way out: by finding the dragons eye! ( I’m suspecting it’s a jewel )

I only just started reading it…. But it is AWESOME!!

There’s also a movie coming out called Disney Descendants on the Disney Channel. This book is the prequel for the movie!!!!


Introducing the Lundby Dollhouse – 5 Reasons it’s awesome!

Have you ever heard of Lundby? Well, Lundby is this awesome Swedish dollhouse brand. their houses actually have LIGHTS! I’m going to be their first Kid Ambassador. I’m sooo excited! I’ll be sharing a bunch about them in the next few months.

5 Reasons the Lundby Dollhouse is AWESOME


Here are 5 reasons why Lundby is so awesome and unique:

  1. most of the rooms have REAL lights that you can plug into the wall and then plug the dollhouse into a real outlet
  2. ¬†their¬†furniture is really and truly small human furniture (tiny fluffy pillows, soft chairs and couches, rubber duckies, etc.) Take a peek at the ¬†beautiful doll’s house accessories here:¬†http://lundby.com/en/products/
  3. Lundby doesn’t only fit Lundby dolls. It fits calico critters, littlest pet shop, and a lot more
  4. the dollhouse comes with flooring and wallpaper already built in
  5. you can add extra floors, a garden, or change the wallpaper.¬†You can even change the WALLPAPER in the doll’s house!¬†http://lundby.com/en/change-wallpaper/