I love the Winter Lundby Decorations! #LundbyMakeover

The Lundby sets for winter are awesome! I love them sooooo much. There’s a Gingerbread House, a Christmas tree, and ¬†a fireplace that all light up. It’ s amazing! Also, there’s a box of Lundby Chocolates, cookies, and aprons!






You know the summer garden I wrote about before? Well, there’s also a Winter garden! The set that is for the winter garden has an igloo that lights up, a snowman, and two skies for the winter family to play in the snow with. I Think that I Actually like the winter sets and people better than the summer ones! You can see some pictures below.

Introducing Lundby Home Productions TV Show!

Here we are, with a guest star on my blog today! Jennifer is giving us an exclusive tour of her Smaland home – designed by LUNDBY. Smaland is the latest home company, and everyone should have one. Jennifer lives with her family of four. Her husband, Mike, loves designing new furniture for their home. Jennifer herself loves to Garden and sew new blankets for the winter. Mike and Jennifer’s son, Max, is very mischievous and loves sweets. Kate, the daughter, loves to read books and help her mom with the gardening. On later episodes of Lundby Home Productions, Max, Kate, and sometimes even Mike, will give you their opinion of the latest fashion, furniture, and more. You can subscribe to Lundby Home Productions for $24.95 a month on Netflix. (or for free on my Youtube channel ūüėČ )

Lundby Website

Introducing the Lundby Dollhouse – 5 Reasons it’s awesome!

Have you ever heard of Lundby? Well, Lundby is this awesome Swedish dollhouse brand. their houses actually have LIGHTS! I’m going to be their first Kid Ambassador. I’m sooo excited! I’ll be sharing a bunch about them in the next few months.

5 Reasons the Lundby Dollhouse is AWESOME


Here are 5 reasons why Lundby is so awesome and unique:

  1. most of the rooms have REAL lights that you can plug into the wall and then plug the dollhouse into a real outlet
  2. ¬†their¬†furniture is really and truly small human furniture (tiny fluffy pillows, soft chairs and couches, rubber duckies, etc.) Take a peek at the ¬†beautiful doll’s house accessories here:¬†http://lundby.com/en/products/
  3. Lundby doesn’t only fit Lundby dolls. It fits calico critters, littlest pet shop, and a lot more
  4. the dollhouse comes with flooring and wallpaper already built in
  5. you can add extra floors, a garden, or change the wallpaper.¬†You can even change the WALLPAPER in the doll’s house!¬†http://lundby.com/en/change-wallpaper/