Red Queen :)

I LOVED the Red Queen! If you love dystopian/sci-fi  books, you will love the Red Queen! here’s a blurb that I made up:

Seventeen-year-old  Mare Barrow lives in a world that’s divided by blood. The Reds are treated like slaves for the Silvers, who have god-like abilities. Mare lives in the Stilts, a small Red village, where she thieves her way through everyday life with her best friend, Kilorn. But one day, Mare meets a strange boy and her life will never be the same.

If you get bored in the beginning, make sure you keep on reading because you’ll be in for some good (and bad) surprises. 😉


I love Jacky Ha-Ha!!! #HaHaBookClub #JamesPatterson

Jacky Ha-ha is an AWESOME book about a girl who’s mom is away at war and her dad is mysteriously not coming home till like 9:00 at night and not telling Jacky and her 6 sisters why. Jacky always gets in so much trouble at school. She probably would be good, but she’s afraid of people making fun of her stutter, so she turns everything into a joke. When she is convinced to try out for the school play so she can trade in detentions, she meets Mrs. O’Mara. Mrs O’Mara is super nice and funny, and Jacky loves her.

This Book by James Patterson is SOOOOO good. You should definetely read it.

Thanks Mom for buying this book for me when I was sick with an ear infection! I loved it so much!

Scoop on the Disney Descendants #DisneySMMC #DisneyDescendants

Did you hear about the Disney Descendants yet??? This is an awesome book called isle of the lost: about all the villains after the happily ever afters!

We got a free copy at the Disney Social Media celebration and my Mom let me have the book to read first!

They all get banished to an island with no magic for forever( A.K.A: 10 years) the villains kids are the main characters creulla de vil, malifecent, evil queen, etc. then they have 1 way out: by finding the dragons eye! ( I’m suspecting it’s a jewel )

I only just started reading it…. But it is AWESOME!!

There’s also a movie coming out called Disney Descendants on the Disney Channel. This book is the prequel for the movie!!!!