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Introducing the Lundby Dollhouse – 5 Reasons it’s awesome!

Have you ever heard of Lundby? Well, Lundby is this awesome Swedish dollhouse brand. their houses actually have LIGHTS! I’m going to be their first Kid Ambassador. I’m sooo excited! I’ll be sharing a bunch about them in the next few months.

5 Reasons the Lundby Dollhouse is AWESOME


Here are 5 reasons why Lundby is so awesome and unique:

  1. most of the rooms have REAL lights that you can plug into the wall and then plug the dollhouse into a real outlet
  2.  their furniture is really and truly small human furniture (tiny fluffy pillows, soft chairs and couches, rubber duckies, etc.) Take a peek at the  beautiful doll’s house accessories here: http://lundby.com/en/products/
  3. Lundby doesn’t only fit Lundby dolls. It fits calico critters, littlest pet shop, and a lot more
  4. the dollhouse comes with flooring and wallpaper already built in
  5. you can add extra floors, a garden, or change the wallpaper. You can even change the WALLPAPER in the doll’s house! http://lundby.com/en/change-wallpaper/






One thought on “Introducing the Lundby Dollhouse – 5 Reasons it’s awesome!

  1. Sharyn says:

    WOW!!!! Everything is so real and definitely new in style. Love that all the critters and tiny figure fit so well too

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