My Favorite Brands at the Mom Mixer #mommixer

I love the Mom Mixer!!! My family hosts it twice a year for 200 moms. It’s so Fun! Here are some of my favorite brands from this years `Spring Into Summer Mom Mixer”.

  • I loved Hershey Park this year!! They had a ton of really good chocolate. And, the Reese character came! He’s so cute!!
  • I love Charm It!! They brought really cute charms for the kids to look at. Also you got to design your own charm and you could have won and gotten your charm made.
  • CVS’s food is AMAZING!!!!!! Their  popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels are soooooooooo good!

Kenzie Reese

CVS food

Charm It samples


If you want to know more about the Mom Mixer, you can go to my mom’s site, 

I Love Furblings!!!

These Furblings are soooo cute!!! They’re so tiny!!!! But, even though they’re tiny, they are the exact same as the big Furby’s, with the patterns and everything! Also, they interact with the Furby Boom app on iPhones or iTouch.

The best part is, the big Furby responds to the Furbling! Also, you can push the top of the Furbling’s head and it talks too!!!! You can also see my video to see how tiny it is.


Baby Furby Furbling

My First Track Meet

I love to run!!!! Last Saturday, I went to my first track meet. I ran a 1500 and did really good. That’s almost a mile. I ran 6.24 and was really tired at the end.

I had to be in the 10and under age group instead of 8, but I still won my age group.  I got second in the heat, and I think I’m going to get a medal.

It was really fun.


Top 7 Reasons Why I Love The Four Seasons Philadelphia #FSFamily

I LOVE the Four Seasons in Philadelphia!!!!!! Here are 7 reasons why I love it :

1. bears Once you get into your room, there is a cute little bear on your bed. They are sooo soft!!!! The food at the Four Seasons is sooooo good!!!!! And, the best part is, that the workers at the Four Seasons can make anything Gluten Free!!!!!!!!

3.pool The pool is amazing!!! There is a really nice pool and hot tub too.

4. robes In your room, there are nice robes hanging up. They’re great for the pool!!

5. location  The Four Seasons has a great location. Next door there is the Academy Of Sciences and The Franklin Instutute .The walk is about 5 minutes. There also is the Art Museum. They’re really fun to go to, and you can learn a lot.

6. surprises During your trip, the Four Seasons gives you a lot of surprises. When you check in, a wheelbarrow filled with toys comes by and you get to pick one toy from it. Also you sometimes get cookies and other foods left in your room or a surprise extra toy at dinner. Balloons at breakfast too!

7. cookie class If you want to, you can sign up for a baking class where you get to make, bake, and decorate cookies. Once your cookies are done baking, your cookies are delivered to your room and you get to eat them!!!! Here’s a video of me while I was baking:




Charm It Review and giveaway

I love Charm It!!!!! These bracelets and necklaces are the best!!!!!! And guess what?? I’m doing my first giveaway so one lucky person can get one!!!!!! You can read more below to find out how to win.

You can watch my video above, too.




Win a Charm It! Bracelet with 5 Charms 

Contest ends April 30th, 2014. Eligibility: You must be a US resident with a US mailing address to be eligible to win.

Entry details:

1. Please leave a comment on this post to enter to win. Leave a comment about anything – or if you want I’d love to hear which charms you like best. You can look at the Charm It! website here. 

2. Daily comments as daily entries are allowed. This means you can leave a new comment each day entering to win to improve your chances.

Note: Thanks to Charm It! for sending me this stuff to review and giveaway. All opinions are my own. 

My 6 Favorite Rides and Stuff at Disney’s Magic Kingdom #disneyside

What are your favorite things to do at Disney?

Here’s some videos and photos of my 6 favorite things to do at Magic Kingdom so you can experience the magic of Disney with me.

1. Goofy’s Barnstormer: I love this fun and easy roller coaster!!!!  Once you get off, you want to ride it again and again!!!

In the video, you see Kyle’s cute little giggle, too!!

2. Thunder Mountain: This is a really fun roller coaster that is awesome!!! You get sprinkled with a little mist, and there are small drops.

3.Tea Cups: On this ride, you sit in a tea cup and spin around as fast as you want by twisting a wheel. It’s so fun!!!!!! My favorite part is when I get really dizzy!!

Teacups at Disney

4. Pirates of The Caribbean and Pirate’s League Makeovers: I love this ride!! You get in a boat, go down a small drop, and sometimes get splashed by cannons.

You can also get Pirate makeovers next door afterwards – I love it! We only did it once on our trip 2 years ago,  but are begging Mom to let us do it again on our next visit in 2015.

Pirate's League photos

Pirate's League makeover

5. New Fantasyland New Fantasyland is awesome!!!!!!! My favorite part about it is the Ariel’s Grotto ride. On it, you jump into a shell and travel through Ariel’s story.

There also is Belle’s Cottage. Here you get to be a character from the movie, and act it out. It’s really fun!!!!!!!!!

And guess what’s coming soon? The Seven Dwarfs Mine train!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a easy rollercoaster that goes through the mines. I can’t wait to go on it the next time I go to Disney!!

6. Fireworks at the Castle I love these  fireworks!!!!! It’s sooooooo fun!!!!!! Also, icicles at Christmas, fire, and cool pictures appear on the castle during the show.

kenzie daddy magic kingdom castle

fireworks magic kingdom

I love Disney a lot and hope that you got to feel the magic by watching the videos, reading the post, and seeing the pictures.