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Top 7 Reasons Why I Love The Four Seasons Philadelphia #FSFamily

I LOVE the Four Seasons in Philadelphia!!!!!! Here are 7 reasons why I love it :

1. bears Once you get into your room, there is a cute little bear on your bed. They are sooo soft!!!!

2.food The food at the Four Seasons is sooooo good!!!!! And, the best part is, that the workers at the Four Seasons can make anything Gluten Free!!!!!!!!

3.pool The pool is amazing!!! There is a really nice pool and hot tub too.

4. robes In your room, there are nice robes hanging up. They’re great for the pool!!

5. location  The Four Seasons has a great location. Next door there is the Academy Of Sciences and The Franklin Instutute .The walk is about 5 minutes. There also is the Art Museum. They’re really fun to go to, and you can learn a lot.

6. surprises During your trip, the Four Seasons gives you a lot of surprises. When you check in, a wheelbarrow filled with toys comes by and you get to pick one toy from it. Also you sometimes get cookies and other foods left in your room or a surprise extra toy at dinner. Balloons at breakfast too!

7. cookie class If you want to, you can sign up for a baking class where you get to make, bake, and decorate cookies. Once your cookies are done baking, your cookies are delivered to your room and you get to eat them!!!! Here’s a video of me while I was baking:




2 thoughts on “Top 7 Reasons Why I Love The Four Seasons Philadelphia #FSFamily

  1. Sharyn says:

    Wow!!!! That looked so fun. I want to go .

  2. ClassyMommmy says:

    I want to go back! Thanks for capturing all our great memories.

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