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My 6 Favorite Rides and Stuff at Disney’s Magic Kingdom #disneyside

What are your favorite things to do at Disney?

Here’s some videos and photos of my 6 favorite things to do at Magic Kingdom so you can experience the magic of Disney with me.

1. Goofy’s Barnstormer: I love this fun and easy roller coaster!!!!  Once you get off, you want to ride it again and again!!!

In the video, you see Kyle’s cute little giggle, too!!

2. Thunder Mountain: This is a really fun roller coaster that is awesome!!! You get sprinkled with a little mist, and there are small drops.

3.Tea Cups: On this ride, you sit in a tea cup and spin around as fast as you want by twisting a wheel. It’s so fun!!!!!! My favorite part is when I get really dizzy!!

Teacups at Disney

4. Pirates of The Caribbean and Pirate’s League Makeovers: I love this ride!! You get in a boat, go down a small drop, and sometimes get splashed by cannons.

You can also get Pirate makeovers next door afterwards – I love it! We only did it once on our trip 2 years ago,  but are begging Mom to let us do it again on our next visit in 2015.

Pirate's League photos

Pirate's League makeover

5. New Fantasyland New Fantasyland is awesome!!!!!!! My favorite part about it is the Ariel’s Grotto ride. On it, you jump into a shell and travel through Ariel’s story.

There also is Belle’s Cottage. Here you get to be a character from the movie, and act it out. It’s really fun!!!!!!!!!

And guess what’s coming soon? The Seven Dwarfs Mine train!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a easy rollercoaster that goes through the mines. I can’t wait to go on it the next time I go to Disney!!

6. Fireworks at the Castle I love these  fireworks!!!!! It’s sooooooo fun!!!!!! Also, icicles at Christmas, fire, and cool pictures appear on the castle during the show.

kenzie daddy magic kingdom castle

fireworks magic kingdom

I love Disney a lot and hope that you got to feel the magic by watching the videos, reading the post, and seeing the pictures.

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4 thoughts on “My 6 Favorite Rides and Stuff at Disney’s Magic Kingdom #disneyside

  1. Aunt Ceri says:

    Craig and I love this post, Kenzie, and we really want to visit Disney! I’ve been twice but Craig has never been yet. After watching your videos he really, really wants to go now!!! We love you! xoxoxo

  2. kenziepadilla says:

    I’m glad you checked out my blog and liked the Disney post!! I miss you and love you too. – Kenzie

  3. Allison says:

    These are some of our most favorite rides as well!!! Of course, Kylie would add the Yeti to this list!! Keep up the great work!! Xoxo

  4. kenziepadilla says:

    When I went to Disney, I was too scared to go on the Yeti. Tell Kylie I said hi! xoxoxo – Kenzie

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