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Tips for Trading with the Jawas at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Ok, so I’m sure you all know Star Wars, and the Jawas that are always popping in the movies. But did you know that you can visit and trade with these Jawas yourself at Hollywood Studios? Just step into the Star Wars Launch Bay and find yourself a Jawa! Now, over the past the year, we’ve traded with multiple Jawas and found some tips of the trade, so we might as well get started:

  1. Grab anything from your junk drawer at home – , discarded toy parts, old trinkets, etc. The Jawas love anything shiny and things that clasp together with magnets! We definitely had more success trading with the Jawas when we brought our random trinkets.
  2. We found that things we thought the Jawas would love they turned down and our random pieces of junk they loved. We traded some great junk for awesome little plastic droid parts and since they put what you trade them into their goody sack, there’s a chance you could even get what someone else traded.
  3. Jawas definitely like rare objects found off the beaten path, so they don’t usually accept theme park maps or tickets, as they are fairly common.
  4. As a general rule, Jawas DO NOT accept money or food/drinks.
  5. Although the Jawas like random objects, they don’t seem to like trash.
  6. We haven’t tried this yet, but it is said that you may be able to trade one of your Disney pins for another pin.

After you trade with the Jawas, be sure to explore the rest of the rest of the launch bay, you might run into some Stormtrooopers and artifacts from Star Wars.



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