turks and caicos

Saving the Iguanas

Did you know the Rock Iguanas in Turks and Caicos are an endangered species? I went to Iguana island in Turks and Caicos to plant Red Mangrove trees to help save the iguanas and protect the island from erosion.

Iguana Island kids photo

There is over 6,000 Rock iguanas on that island and they are all threatened by the erosion. I planted about 4 mangrove trees. Mom and Kyle also helped plant trees too! The roots in the Mangrove trees will grow really big and someday will help prevent erosion and this will protect the lizards home.

Rock Iguana 1

We also went on a tour of the island to learn about the ecosystem. We saw Rocky, the most famous iguana and we saw the biggest iguana on that island too. It was huge!

The Iguanas look really cool and they are EVERYWHERE on the island. Take a peek at our video to see us planting the trees and see pictures of the island and Iguanas.

It was so fun!!!!!

Rock Iguana 2

kyle kenzie iguana island

Note: Thanks to the Sandals Foundation for including my family on this environmental project.