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My Swim Ad

I love swimming!!!  You can see a poem I wrote below.  Dad helped me put it on a picture of me swimming freestyle so it would look like a cool Nike ad. Isn’t this cool????


THE POOL IS MY STAGE. There’s no acting involved, but there’s plenty of drama. My competitors are the cast. My coaches and teammates are the crew. My mom wrote the script, my dad did it too, it’s a lot of relaxation, but there’s plenty to do! AND ACTION !

3 thoughts on “My Swim Ad

  1. ClassyMommy says:

    Kenzie – I love your poem. Can’t believe how good you are with words! The photo ad you made with Dad is fantastic! Keep up the awesome creative work. xoxoxo

  2. Sharyn says:

    You are so so amazing!!!! Love your poem. Nike should pay you

  3. Rachel Hess says:

    Wonderful poem, Kenz! Excellent job telling a complete story in very few words. Your passion for swimming is clearly expressed in your poem. Your message is clear and your thoughts are connected, such an interesting comparison of athletics and preforming arts. Love you!!!

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