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My What If Statements

What if cats could talk?

At my school, I go to gifted. At gifted me and about 11 other kids do really fun stuff. One of them is journaling. Our teacher, Mrs. Melcher, gives us all a promt for us to write in our journal. One day, our promt was to write 3 ` What If ‘ statements. Here are mine:

  • What if we had 100 eyes?
  • What if the ocean was pink?
  • What if grasshoppers were as big as a lake?
  • What if we were as small as a frog?
  • What if human beings didn’t exist?
  • What if cats could talk?
  • What if fairy tales were real or existed?
  • What if you could go into and expirence any book that you read?
  • What if we couldn’t talk?

Those are my ` What if ‘ statements. What are yours?

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