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St. Patty’s Day Rainbow Chain Pot of Gold Craft!

Look at this super cool Rainbow chain and gold!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Construction paper of all the colors of the rainbow and black
  • scissors
  • one box of Scotch tape glue dots, or glue or tape
  • one pencil

Once you get all the supplies, here’s what you should do:

  1. first, draw rectangles that are pretty skinny, and all about the same size on the construction paper the colors of the rainbow.
  2. next, cut them all out.
  3. then, get the red construction paper and glue/tape  it to make a loop or circle.
  4. after that, get the orange piece of paper and loop it around the red loop and glue or tape it to make another loop.
  5. continue doing that with all of the colors in rainbow order. ( ROY G BIV )
  6. once your done, draw a pot with your pencil on the black piece of paper and cut it out.
  7. then, draw a cloudish shape with a flat bottom about the size of your pot on the yellow piece of paper and cut it out. This is your gold.
  8. next, get about 5 -8 glue dots and stick them to the bottom of the FRONT side of the gold and stick the gold to the top back of your hat.
  9. After that, cut out a small strip of yellow paper and fold it in half.
  10. glue dot the bottom of the folded yellow strip to the back of the gold.
  11. then cut out another yellow strip that’s pretty small and get a peice of normal scotch tape and put half of the tape on the bottom of the strip and stick it to the glued half of the folded paper. Do the same for the top.
  12. Now, get another glue dot and stick it to the bottom of your chain and stick the chain to the top of the yellow folded paper.
  13. Finally, find a place to hang up your rainbow!!



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