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My Square 1 art silhouette!!

Look at my Square1  art project that I made!! I just got to take it home yesterday. Every year, in art class, we make a Square1 art project with a theme. In first grade, our theme was hand prints and last year it was animals. This year, it was silhouette seas. What’s really cool about Square1 art though, is that you can order things with your art on it. You can get water bottles, T-shirts, necklaces, and even pillow cases!! In my picture, I drew a Disney Cruise boat, a sailboat, and a island. I also drew a dolphin jumping out of the water in front of the setting sun. All of our pictures were suppose to be at sunset over an ocean. So, we started by drawing the line where the sky meets the water. Then we drew a sun. After that, we drew all of the other things, like boats, or fish, that we wanted in our picture. Next we colored in the sun in yellow, orange, or pink, and  colored the other things we drew in with black to make them silhouettes. Then we painted the sky in water color and reflected those colors and the suns colors onto the water.If you want to, you can try it.

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  1. Sharyn says:

    Beautiful colors

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