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There Should be No Money in The World – My Economic Policy

There Should Be No Money In The World

By: Kenzie Padilla

Think about it- Do you think there should be no money in the world? Yes or no?

Imagine your in a tattered up smelly cottage, freezing cold, your stomach grumbling. Your family has no money, and as a result, you don’t have enough food, shelter, or water. Wouldn’t that be terrible? If there was no money, that problem you just imagined would never arise. I think there should be no money in the world because some people work really hard and only get a couple of cents a year,it’s as if everyone’s in a competition who can get the most money, and you would get any job you wanted to get.

Some people work really hard and only get a couple of cents  a year. But, even more people get thousands of dollars a year. Well, with no money, everyone will have a home and be treated the same. Also, with more people getting more money, no one will even care about the people who get none. All of this is happening for no good reason. And, money’s causing all of it. Also, what’s really important is that there will be no more bank robberies, causing chaos. And, No one will hurt or kill other people just to get their money. People should be helping one another.

Now, also, it’s totally as if everyone’s in a competition who can get the most money. And again, you’re probably thinking that competition is fun, and it doesn’t really matter. Well, it does.You already have four major needs, why do we need to get something to get them?It all makes no sense. Also, other humans should be helping one another, not competing for something to get our needs. Then all of the humans will be extinct. You wouldn’t want that to happen, do you? Everyone should have the right to get what they need and be able to do it without being able to work way too hard. There’s totally NO point in having money.

And, finally, not everybody likes their job. With no money, we wouldn’t have to get a job that gives us a ton of money. Now you’re thinking that no one ever likes going to work, right? True, but you would be able to get into any job, or start your own dream business. Also, everyone should be treated the same way. You shouldn’t get to special things only because you have enough money. And, your work would be less stressing because you’re not worrying about not doing it fast enough or getting enough money to feed your family. When you feel you’re done for the day, you can go home, get a good nights rest, and come back tomorrow. Then again, your not as stressed about everything. All because there’s no money! So, do you agree with me now?

Remember how terrible that visualization was from the beginning with the cottage? Now because of you, that will never happen to anyone because there’s no money. Will you tell the Mint to stop making money? I hope so! Well, you should start filling up those trash cans with money today and tell the Mint to stop making money!

The End 

P.S- Do you agree with me? Should there be no money?

7 thoughts on “There Should be No Money in The World – My Economic Policy

  1. Poppy says:

    Kenzie, I loved your article expressing your economic policy. Your concern for your fellow human beings and their welfare was very sincere. Your thoughts and concerns indicated a well thought out policy to help those who are suffering today. However as much as I agree with your concerns about those who are suffering, I’m not sure that simply eliminating money would solve all those problems. Unfortunately we live in a world with lots of complex problems with no simple answers for their solutions. The problems you touched upon are complex and many ideas, efforts, and solutions need to be explored and then implemented. Hopefully, one day with conscientious people such as yourself addressing these issues, the world will be a better place for all.

  2. kenziepadilla says:

    Poppy– thanks for commenting on my blog. I love you!! We have the PSSA’s today. I’m so excited!!!
    Love, Kenzie :) :)

  3. Sharyn says:

    Wow, Kenzie. Your ideas sound wonderful, BUT realistically probably not possible. I love that you are thinking of people that are not as fortunate as you. You are a kind and very thoughtful and loving young girl. We would all love a dream job. however, no one would ever do all the jobs that are really necessary for us to live every day.
    Keep thinking of some ideas, PLEASE. Love that you are so very creative too. Maybe , someday you will be involved in implementing new economic policies that will help all of mankind.

  4. kenziepadilla says:

    well, in the soon future there will be robots for those jobs. also, at least 1 person for every continent or country out of about 9 billion people have to like that. ( and womankind )

  5. Lily says:

    Hi Kenzie,
    I liked your post and I agree with you. I agree with you because if there was no money in the world than everyone could have a dream house…like a Barbie Dream House! Everyone would have food to eat and evryone would be happy.

  6. kenziepadilla says:

    thanks for agreeing with me! I’m so happy someone agreed with me! We must think the same!

  7. Emily says:

    Hi Kenzie I love what you posted!and I agree with you because a lot of people don’t have money to buy a lot of money to buy clothes and food .But the problem is people will grave a lot of things not everyone will be happy because people will grave a bunch of things and the next thing you now there won’t be food ,clothes ,and other things we need.

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