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Merry Christmas!

Im soo excited! I finally got a computer!! ( which I’m typing this post with now 😉 ) Thank you Santa so much! I love it.  That was by far the best present this year. Another thing I got was this awesome book with quizes in it about random fun facts, like how many matches can the the bigest tree in the world make? over 5,00, over 5 million, or over 5 billion?It was 5 BILLION!!! But instead of just having the answer on the next page or something, Next to each answer there’s a little golden box, kind of like those lottery things that you can do. There’s a little red chip too to scratch off the golden stuff above the box to find out the answer. Another cool thing about it is that its not always just checks or x’s to show if you’re wrong or right. Some of the things that they have besides the checks and x’s are smiley and frowny faces and thumbs up and down. I love this and these are PERFECT for swim meets! 

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