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I Love the TTPM toy fair! #TTPM #TakeAKidToWorkDay

I went with my mom for a take your kid to work day to New York. I had sooo much fun in New York today at the TTPM toy fair! My mom is a blogger, and she takes dozens of pictures and videos to post on her blog, Snapchat, Instgram, Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest, Facebook, and more. She works with marketers who hire her to post about their brands new products.

I absolutely loved the TTPM Toy show. There were all these different new popular brands like Candilicous Bubbles, Wet Head, season 5 shopkins, and new Barbies.  Those are just some of my favorites.We went around to each booth and asked the marketers questions like, “When does your product come out?” or “What does this new toy do?”

This is us eating the Candylicious Bubbles. Grape was our favorite!



I found out so much about all the cool new toys and what my mom does every day for work. My brother and I helped my Mom film dozens of videos about new toys and products. We’ll use all of these videos for our families website, Classy Mommy, and my website, One Kids Life, to show people all the new products and tell them all the details and demonstrations about them in case people want to buy this new stuff.

After we had checked out most of the brands and took a zillion pictures and videos, we went to meet some of the marketing people that hire my mom that work for Under Armour and Tommy Hilfiger. They have an office in the Empire State Building. So cool!!!

We went to Empire State Building to visit them in their office. We saw new fashions being developed. I found out they planning clothes to make in 2017 – one entire year from now!!!! Then, they took to the very top of the Empire State Building on the 86th floor and even the 102nd floor. We got to see Central Park, the Chyrsler Building, The Freedom Tower, The Flat Iron building, and even the Statue of Liberty. We were higher than a helicopter when it flew by!

I had so much fun!

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