I love the Public School Superhero book by James Patterson!! #publicschoolsuperhero

I love this new book by James Patterson! It’s sooo awesome. I love all of James Patterson ‘s books I read all of the I Funny series too and they were great. But this book, Public School Superhero, is even better. I literally started reading it yesterday afternoon and I finished it this afternoon. It’s sooo amazing! The book is about a boy named Kenny and he’s in his first year of middle school. His Grandma wants him to be the best at all of his things in school. But then, some of the kids start bullying him. And then, he gets detention. But, he keeps it a secret from his grandma. They get a new principal, and Kenny has to teach one of the bullies how to play chess. And, there’s also more, but I don’t want to spoil it. But, I definitely recommend this book for you. It is soo amazing!  :)

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