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I Love Girls On The Run!!

Girls On The Run is sooo much fun!! I’m in third grade, so this is the  fist year I could do it. My,best friend, Kate, has 2 older sisters and they’ve been doing Girls On The Run starting when Anna, who is 5 years older than Kate, started in 4th grade. Kate’s mom was a coach, so she had to come to GOTR whenever one of her sisters had it. She  always liked it and I really wanted to try it. Finally, I’m in third grade so I can do it. My mom is a coach now too and GOTR is so much fun! We train to do a 5K at the end of the season, may 30th, and we learn how to be positive. We also have AWESOME energy awards. My favorite one is the Banana. What’s also really fun is that my other best friends, Ellie and Maddie, from 2nd grade, who are also in my class this year,  are doing GOYTR too. After school, every Monday and Wednesday we have GOYTR. We go down to the Gym and eat our snack  and talk. It’s always really fun. Once, Maddie tricked me into saying I had no idea who MRW was, and she said they have really big hand writing. Later, I figured out it was her! Her initials are MRW for Madeline Rose Witcoski.Today at GOYTR, we learned about the star inside of us of the positive, and the cloud that comes in of the negative. It was really fun because we got to lay down and visualize and myy mom was the main coach for the activity of being clouds and stars that we did at the end.  She was an awesome coach. I love Girls on the  Run!!!

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