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Earthquake Science Fair Experiment Idea with iPhone App

Earthquake Science Fair Project Idea with IPhone appFor the science fair this year, I really wanted to use technology, so I looked for an app that could go with a project. I found Seismometer, and it’s perfect! It measures vibration force, so it’s good for like an earthquake experiment, which is what I was wanting to do. Here’s what you should do if you want to do this project:

  1. Find something that you can shake (“house”) and tape the iPhone with the app Seismometer onto it
  2. drop a basketball next to the house from the same height each time but change the materials underneath your house
  3. count how many squares on the little grids on the screen are filled up by the line. That shows you the vibration force, or how much the basketball shook the house. (the lower the better)
  4. you can graph the results and your done!! :)

Good luck!! I got a Distinguished Honors and I hope you do good if you do my experiment idea!!


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