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5 Tips and Tricks for Your Hike into the Grand Canyon

I’m going to tell you 5 tips and tricks for your hike into the Grand Canyon. It’s super hard to go all the way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but TOTALLY worth it. Here are 5 of the little-known tricks to make your hike down into the Grand Canyon much more enjoyable!

  1. Salt tablets

These little tablets (although they don’t taste amazing) will definitely help you recharge and reboost for the rest of your hike! You can buy these Salt Stick Fast Chews on Amazon for $4.95 for a four pack of about 10 each! I could tell how much these helped me on my hike. We even saw this one girl on our way up who was really struggling with the heat, so we gave her a few of the tablets and we saw her again at the food court a few hours later!

2. S’well or any water bottle that keeps your water cold

We used these water bottles on our hike to keep our water nice and cold in between rest stops, and they helped so much! The cold water helped to keep us more motivated to hydrate and cool us down. We used Sip by S’well, but any water bottle that isn’t too heavy and keeps your water cold will do!

3. Powerade/Gatorade

We brought one big bottle of Powerade each for our trip down, which was a really nice replenishing drink. once we drank the whole thing, we just used it as an extra water bottle to fill up at the rest stations.


You can’t have too much food on your hike. We ate a surprising amount and definitely needed it to make it through the hike. I packed something along the lines of pretzels, packs of peanut butter crackers, GoGoSqueeze applesauces, chips, bananas, a Cheerio-Craisin mix in a ziploc bag for breakfast, and a muffin.

5. Take rests!

Although you might be thinking that you just want to get to the bottom, rests will help you so much. A bunch of 5-minute breaks to regroup and hydrate a little will be really beneficial and I also recommend a few longer ones at the lookout points where you can sit down and have a snack. We tended to take small breaks in little shaded areas and bigger ones at the Lookouts. On the way up, we took a long (and much-needed) lunch break at Indian Gardens. After these breaks, you will feel so much better and more prepared to take on the climb!

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