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5 going on 15!!

Oh my gosh look at this picture of me!!! I’m probably around 5 then, but with those sunglasses I look so old!! It’s in September, Probably in 2010. I was just looking up on Google “Kenzie Padilla” and found a TON of super cute pics of me!! This was definitely one of my favorites, along with some of the following:

(I was so surprised to find all of these cute pictures of me when I was little!! You should google yourself too!! 😉  )



Me and mom on a Disney Cruise!!



Me before my first haircut at snip-its!



Me after my first haircut at Snip-Its!



Kyle kissing me after My 25 free at Whitford when I was 6!!!!

One thought on “5 going on 15!!

  1. ClassyMommy says:

    omg you are too cute!!!! and that photo of you at age 5 looking like 15 or 25 is too funny. I remember the day well. xoxo

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