I Love #americangirl #TrulyMe :)

American Girl Truly me is sooo cool! There’s all types of look-alike dolls that you can choose from to look just like you! Every doll comes with an activity box. In the box there’s different crafts, quizes, advice, food,doll play, and just for fun ideas to keep you and your doll busy. There is 8 colors too for each activity, so you can keep going and going. Each Truly Me doll comes wearing a purple dress with a silver sparkle sash and sparkly tuole and sparkly fringe. She also comes with blue shoes with silver poka-dots on the toes. It’s so cool. Depending on what you want, there are different eye colors, hair colors and styles, and skin colors. I love Truly Me!

Introducing Lundby Home Productions TV Show!

Here we are, with a guest star on my blog today! Jennifer is giving us an exclusive tour of her Smaland home – designed by LUNDBY. Smaland is the latest home company, and everyone should have one. Jennifer lives with her family of four. Her husband, Mike, loves designing new furniture for their home. Jennifer herself loves to Garden and sew new blankets for the winter. Mike and Jennifer’s son, Max, is very mischievous and loves sweets. Kate, the daughter, loves to read books and help her mom with the gardening. On later episodes of Lundby Home Productions, Max, Kate, and sometimes even Mike, will give you their opinion of the latest fashion, furniture, and more. You can subscribe to Lundby Home Productions for $24.95 a month on Netflix. (or for free on my Youtube channel 😉 )

Lundby Website

So Excited to be on the Lundby Website!

Guess what? I’m featured on lundbys website!I’m sooo excited to be an amassador for them!

Me and my dad think Lundby is soo cool. We think you should be able to shrink down and become the size of a doll to live in that house. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Besides, they have really nice furniture too. Also, we wouldn’t have to buy anything, our owner would get it all for us! I wish… 😉

Well, anyways, I still LOVE Lundby! Even though we can’t be that small, we can play with the dolls! Lundby is so fun!! The lights are the best. REAL WORKING lights in a dolls house.

Check out all about Lundby on their website here: www.lundby.com/en