Earth to Echo

Last night I saw the preview of Earth To Echo. It was awesome!!!

Earth To Echo is basically about three best friends and they’re phones go crazy. It sends them on a treasure hunt to see what the map leads them to. They find Echo, a cute alien,  and try to help him because he’s hurt.

My favorite thing about the movie was that the kids were videoing themselves and using Facetime, Youtube, texting and taking pictures.

If you want to see the preview of Earth To Echo you can see it above.

If you like space and adventure, you’ll probably like this movie  a lot. My brother and I did!


Big Win For My Swim Team!!!

My swim team, Whitford, had a swim meet a couple of days ago against the team that beat us for the last six years, Chester Valley, and we beat them!!!!! The score was Chester Valley,210, and Whitford, 218!!! We literally won by one relay. ( 7 points)

It was really fun but it was a tough meet because I went against some of my friends from winter swimming, friends from school and my best friend in  school and our neighborhood, Kate.


Chapter 1: The Meeting – Lilly Lobster and the Deep Dark Sea


All the merfolk were gathering in the Great Sea Henge Seaweed Circle. The seaweed was drifting in the current.

“Lilly! What should we do? We have to find a way to overcome Viiclorch!” said Coral, my cousin. Her and I are the leaders of the group.

“I don’t know,” I said, ”But we need to do something.”

“Oh, Oh, Oh, I know,” said my best friend Algae, whose nickname is Allie, ”We should make WAR!!!! ”

”Yeah!” said the rest of the group all together.

“Totally!” I said. “Okay guys. We’ll wage war in a little while, but first what will we do for a fight against him?”

“Weapons!” said someone.

“Our powers!” said another.

“Okay everyone, I said. We’ll use most of your ideas during war but now we need to leave.”

HONK!!!!!! HONK!!!!!! HONK!!!!!


Everyone quickly swam out of the Sea Henge Seaweed Circle and went back to the terrible work for Viiclorch.

I Broke a Record in Butterfly!!

I’m so excited!!!!!!  I broke the Whitford Team record in a 25 meters (one lap)  for 8 and under girls of butterfly!! The record was 18.64  and I broke it by doing 18.48.  I can’t believe I did it! I improved so much from last year!

You can see the video of me swimming above. My Dad added the cool music to the video!

Saving the Iguanas

Did you know the Rock Iguanas in Turks and Caicos are an endangered species? I went to Iguana island in Turks and Caicos to plant Red Mangrove trees to help save the iguanas and protect the island from erosion.

Iguana Island kids photo

There is over 6,000 Rock iguanas on that island and they are all threatened by the erosion. I planted about 4 mangrove trees. Mom and Kyle also helped plant trees too! The roots in the Mangrove trees will grow really big and someday will help prevent erosion and this will protect the lizards home.

Rock Iguana 1

We also went on a tour of the island to learn about the ecosystem. We saw Rocky, the most famous iguana and we saw the biggest iguana on that island too. It was huge!

The Iguanas look really cool and they are EVERYWHERE on the island. Take a peek at our video to see us planting the trees and see pictures of the island and Iguanas.

It was so fun!!!!!

Rock Iguana 2

kyle kenzie iguana island

Note: Thanks to the Sandals Foundation for including my family on this environmental project.

Pool Party at my Teacher’s House

On Monday I went to a pool party at my teachers house!!! Mrs.Kornaga is sooooooooooo nice because she STILL invited us even though it was pouring rain!

Her pool is AWESOME!!!  You can see pictures of me and my friends Maddie, Lindsay, Emma, and Gabbie.

Mrs. Kornaga is the best teacher ever to let us see her house! 

Don’t you always wonder what your teachers house looks like? Well now I know!!


Everyone brought a snack and the watermelon was great!!

Thank you Mrs. Kornaga!!

Kids at Mrs. Kornaga's House