Flight Of The Hippogriff At Universal #UniversalOrlando

Check out my favorite ride The Flight Of The Hippogriff at Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!!!

It is a really fun, kid rollercoaster with small drops. In the video you can see Hagrid’s hut so look out for it. ( Hagrid’s hut actually looks like the one in the movie.)

It’s about 45 seconds long. I LOVE it. At night the lines were short and we rode it over and over again.

And you know what is really cool? At the beginning of the ride, you actual get to see and bow to Buckbeak, Hagrid’s pet Hippogriff.


Hagrid's Hut

Password Journal

Check out this Password Journal!!!!!! It is awesome!!! My mom got it for Christmas for me. I made a video of it so you can get a closer look.

Here are three reasons I like it:

  •  It is voice and password activated and locked,
  • It has a invisible pen,
  • and it has a secret pouch inside the password journal

Guess what? Boys like them too!! Kyle liked mine so much that we got him a blue one.

Here is a picture: