My Swim Meet

On Sunday, I had a really good swim meet!! I got best times in everything!!! In my 25 Backstroke, I broke 20.41 and swam 18.69.

I was so happy to improve 2 seconds!!! I also did really great in my 50 back!! I dropped 4 seconds!!! If you want to see a video, it’s above:


The Fontainebleau Hotel #Rio2event

I love the Fontainebleau!!!!!! All of the rooms have a view of either the ocean or bay in Miami. We had a amazing view of the ocean. Here’s a picture of our view from the deck with our breakfast:


We had a suite with a King bed, a computer, and a TV.

There is also really good food. If you want to see the room at the Fontainebleau that we stayed in, here’s a video of it.

I hope you liked it!!!!


Rio 2 Movie Premiere Event #Rio2event

It was amazing!!!! Here is a video of my favorite parts of the Rio 2 Premiere:

Me and my Mom had the best weekend together!!

And my favorite part over all is when they danced the Samba and broke the Guinness World Record for 256 dancers. It was really cool!!!!!!!!

The movie was one of the best movies I ever saw. I really like when Blu, Jewel, and their kids go to the Amazon to find other Blue Macaws. They have a lot of fun!!

What was really cool was at the premiere of the movie, you also got free popcorn and drinks. I got my own whole bag of popcorn!!!




Muppets Most Wanted

On Monday night, I went to the advanced screening of Muppets Most Wanted. It was really fun!!!!

My favorite part of the movie is when Kermit breaks out of jail and makes it to Miss Piggy’s wedding that was supposed  to be with Kermit but is really with Constantine  and Miss Piggy finds out witch one is the real Kermit.

It’s a really good movie and I think you should watch it.


Kushka the dog named cat

Last night I met Kushka!!!! She’s SOO cute and fluffy!!!!!!!!!! Here I am with her when she’s in her pink cowgirl hat!!!!

Kushka the dog named Cat

It is really cool when you get a book signed by the author, because he signs it and even Kushka signs it!!! She gives you a “paw”tograph too!


I got Kushka Travels the World. It is really cute because Kushka goes on a plane and travels the whole world with her friends.

The author of the Kushka books thought it was cool that I had my own blog. He gave me some tips to encourage me.


Kyle wore his Phillies hat to match one of Kushka’s many hats. 20140318-201627.jpg

If you like Kushka, you can learn more about her and  all of her books on the Kushka website here.

Read all about Kushka and her author Eli Kowalski here

Leprechaun Tricks

Happy ST. Patrick’s Day!!!!!!!!!!

What did the Leprechaun do at your house?

At my house the Leprechaun PEED green in my toilet!!!!! In the morning, me and Kyle were walking around looking for stuff that the Leprechaun left and we went into the bathroom. We saw fake glittery four leaf clovers and green pee.

Also, downstairs, we found a four leaf clover wand, some more glittery clovers, and a box of lucky charms.



We ate Lucky Charms for the first time and they were SOOO good!!!!!!!!!

Even Mom liked them!!! She absolutely LOVED them!

Getting My Chest X-ray

Today in the afternoon, I got a chest X-ray at the allergist. I got it because I have bad asthma. It was really cool and fun. I had to put on a blue hospital gown.It was really long, too.

If you want to see me wearing it, here’s a picture:



I had to press my body against this board and hold my breath so they could take a good picture. They took a picture of my side and front.

It didn’t hurt at all.

After my X-ray, I got two stickers. One said`Purrrrrrrrrrfect Patient’ and the other said, `Great Job!!’.

Dr. Seuss Day at School

What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

Mine is ‘Oh the Places, You’ll Go‘.

It’s about a boy who goes a lot of places. My favorite part is when he goes to the Waiting Place, where people are JUST WAITING. For a bus to come, a train to go, or waiting around for yes or no. Then, he breaks out of the Waiting Place and goes to where the Boom Bands play.

I wore a Dr. Seuss shirt that I got at Universal and I brought my Thing 2 to school when we celebrated Dr. Seuss Day. I also got to wear a Dr. Seuss hat. It was really fun.


Me and Mom baked Dr. Seuss cupcakes for my 2nd grade class. We decorated them to look like the THINGS and the Cat in the Hat.

YUM! Everyone loved them.