I Love the Lundby Garden set!! Check out my Video Review!

This is so cool!! If you have a Lundby Smaland doll house, there is a garden that you can attach to it.it has soft stuff to be like grass, and a white fence around it. the fence has a little latch where it can open up. outside of the fence in the front, there’s even a little road for the pedal car. in the grass on the left, there’s a nice little padio.  there are also different sets that you can get for it. there’s a garden set with cabbage, carrots, pumpkins, sunflowers. you can also put some sunflowers on the side of the house for decoration. there is also a trampoline and pedal car set. the trampoline is sooo cool! it actually is springy like a real one. the pedal car also fits the kids PERFECTLY! and last but not least, is the lounge chair set for the parents. it comes with 2 withe lounge chairs for the parents to relax in and a table with 2 cups, and  a food tray. on the padio around them, it comes with some flower pots to decorate.

we won the league champs!

In our league, Chester County Country Club Swim League ( C.C.C.C.S.L) , our team is Whitford. We beat every team in the league this year, and last. I’m so excited because 4 summers ago, we lost to Chester Valley and one year to Radley Run, too. That was when I was 6 and 7. When I was 8, last year, we beat every team and it was so exciting! this year, we did again! I hope we can beat everyone next year too!