Ever After High doll Cerise Hood

There is this AWESOME new brand called Ever After High. My mom got sent one of their  really cool dolls called Cerise Hood. She is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. What’s really cool is that Cerise has a magic red  cloak  that can actually  let her travel unseen through the shadows.

SSHHHH!!!!! Don’t tell anyone, but Cerise has a secret. Her mom married the Big Bad Wolf. She has wolf ears, can run really fast, and has the same enhanced senses of her father -the Big Bad Wolf.

Here’s a picture –

Ever After High Cerise Hood

Guess what? You can also read Ever After High books, and there are Ever After High episodes for free online  or on Netflix.






2014 American Girl Doll Isabelle

This is the new American Girl Doll for 2014!!!!!!!My Mom got her in the mail so I decided to review her too.Her name is Isabelle. She is really cute and pretty. Isabelle has sparkly golden shoes, and cuffed, sparkly, gray jeans. She is also wearing her favorite pink shirt with a ballerina on it from the book . Isabelle also has long, blond hair and sparkling hazel eyes. In her hair she has a double sided twist.Here’s what I really love about Isabelle – she has pink hair extensions!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also like that they are really easy to get in and out of Isabelle’s hair.  She has white skin,too.  She looks like this:

Kenzie and Isabelle

You can buy her for $120 without earrings, and $134 with earrings. I think it would be funner if you got her without earrings because then you could go to the store and get her ears pierced which is really fun.

You can watch my video to see Isabelle in real life here: