I Love National Park Junior Ranger Day! #FindYourPark

Last Saturday, I became a junior ranger at Valley Forge National park! I got to get a patch and a badge by filing out a couple of packets about what I learned on our trip.  Did you know you can do this at any national park? We never knew!!!


We met the author Frank Murphy and we got his Magic Squares book, and Thomas Jefferson’s feast. He signed them for us and read us another story he wrote about George Washington. He was awesome! He taught us all about how he writes his books.

They had fun activities for us to do too so we could experience history.  I helped make a small log cabin just how they built it in the olden days. I also drew a picture of a log cabin and tree with a piece of charcoal from a campfire.

If you visit a National Park, definitely ask about their Junior Ranger Program so you can participate in it. I love it! this summer we are going to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone so can do it there too. Here are some pictures:









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