I was on KYW 1060 News Radio for Mom Mixer! #MomMixer

Super cool! When we hosted the Mom Mixer this weekend at the Franklin Institute a reporter from KYW CBS came to check out all the hot new toys and see what Mom’s event was about. Some  friends even texted us when they heard our voices on the air so we got to listen too when we were driving home from the party.

Apparently, the little clip played again and again over the weekend – randomly I heard it driving in the car to swim practice yesterday too. I heard the Snoopy music and then my own voice on the radio! Awesome right?!

You can watch the clip of one of the recordings too in this video.

One thought on “I was on KYW 1060 News Radio for Mom Mixer! #MomMixer

  1. Sharyn says:

    So cool!!!!!!!

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