My Guest Star Maddie’s View on Belize!!!

My friend Maddie went to Belize for spring break and she wrote a report about it for me!! I’m so excited- I have a Guest Star! Here’s what Maddie wrote:

Belize was so beautiful and amazing! We went snorkeling and swam with the sharks on the second largest reef in the whole world!!! It was very big and very beautiful. I would highly recommend it! We also stayed near Belize City in a Howler Monkey preserve. If you want to go there it is great but be prepared the howler monkeys sound like dinosaurs! That was in the jungle. We also stayed at an awesome resort in the middle of the jungle! It was very very cool.

When we stayed there we stayed at this little cabin. And guess what- it did not have any walls. It just had screens so the bugs don’t get in. So it was really cool at night for when you are in your bed you can just look out the screen windows, and just see and hear the amazing jungle all around you!

Also, by the way the way we did not have a single bad meal there! Mabey it was just because we were in a good area or it was just because Belize has great meals but either way it was great!!! We also went zip lining and tubing in the jungle. One cave was over a mile long for the tubing. P.S if you go to the resort with the screen walls do not stay at a tree house there, because the stairs are so so so long one of the stairs to a tree house was 240 steps long!!! Well, I hope after my report and this one you are inspired to go to Belize and see new places and do new things and meet new people!!! And even though the trip to Belize is very  long it is all worth it at the end!!!

BYE! :)

By:Madeline Witcoski and her family

  So, Maddie did all the things above but here are some details:

  1. The resort in the Jungle is called the Ian Anderson Caves Branch Resort
  2. The two room condo is on an island called San Pedro and is right by the beach
  3. The ruins below are called Stone Lady or Xunantunich
  4. They swam with nurse sharks, that don’t bite





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