5 going on 15!!

Oh my gosh look at this picture of me!!! I’m probably around 5 then, but with those sunglasses I look so old!! It’s in September, Probably in 2010. I was just looking up on Google “Kenzie Padilla” and found a TON of super cute pics of me!! This was definitely one of my favorites, along with some of the following:

(I was so surprised to find all of these cute pictures of me when I was little!! You should google yourself too!! 😉  )



Me and mom on a Disney Cruise!!



Me before my first haircut at snip-its!



Me after my first haircut at Snip-Its!



Kyle kissing me after My 25 free at Whitford when I was 6!!!!

I love BB-8!! #starwars #bb8

Isn’t he AWESOME?!? Santa gave him to me and Kyle for Christmas. Did you know you can control him with your phone? BB-8 is also adorable!! He is sooo cute, and definitely my favorite character from Star Wars. I Haven’t seen the new movie yet, but we’re going to see it this week. I’m so excited! I looked online to see how to draw him and I found it. I also went to sketchpad and made an illustration of him! But, anyways, if you are a Star Wars fan, (like my brother) or even just want to or have seen the new movie, you should definitely think about buying BB-8, we only have the small one, but it’s STILL amazing. I love him! 

Merry Christmas!

Im soo excited! I finally got a computer!! ( which I’m typing this post with now 😉 ) Thank you Santa so much! I love it.  That was by far the best present this year. Another thing I got was this awesome book with quizes in it about random fun facts, like how many matches can the the bigest tree in the world make? over 5,00, over 5 million, or over 5 billion?It was 5 BILLION!!! But instead of just having the answer on the next page or something, Next to each answer there’s a little golden box, kind of like those lottery things that you can do. There’s a little red chip too to scratch off the golden stuff above the box to find out the answer. Another cool thing about it is that its not always just checks or x’s to show if you’re wrong or right. Some of the things that they have besides the checks and x’s are smiley and frowny faces and thumbs up and down. I love this and these are PERFECT for swim meets! 

Winter Garden & Holiday Dollhouse Tour #LundbyMakeover

Tis the season for snow! Even my Lundby Dollhouse is ready for the winter holidays! Instead of a Summer garden,  now there’s a cool winter garden. I love it SOOOOO much! All these accessories and cute decorations you can swap up make playing games with it even more fun all year long.

Check out our video for all the details. You know what’s also really cool?  It’s not like they forgot about the patio for the summer. There’s a little bump of snow to show that it’s still there  – there is even a HILL built into it. That’s also really cool because they put a little low bump, or like a super small ditch in the hill  so the little boy can actually slide down the hill in his sled for real! I love it! The sled and snowy hill are my favorite part of the winter garden.

Winter Accessories You Can Buy for your LUNDBY Dollhouse

I love how every season you can transform your dollhouse. With all the Christmas holiday decorations, cookies, gifts, and fireplace it really feels like Christmas! Plus you can change the weather too by adding the snow garden! Here are some things you can get:

  • A winter family dressed wearing cute winter clothes like jackets and hats
  • Skis for your family, a snowman, a sled, and also an igloo that can be plugged in!
  • A gingerbread house that can light up
  • Cookies that come with two little aprons
  • a Christmas tree!

Find out all the details on the super duper awesome Lundby dollhouse and the accessories and decorations for it here: https://lundby.com/en/products/