I Met an Olympian Swimmer! #OnlyatFFT @FitterandFaster

I went to the Fitter and Faster Swim tour Clinic two weekends ago at the Phoenixville Y and I got to meet Klete Keller and Kara Lynn Joyce – both who were in the Olympics multiple times and won medals!

It was soooo cool!


I got a signed picture of me wearing their REAL OLYMPIC medals with them, a cap, and some other cool stuff.

First, we learned some dryland excersises and drills that will help our swimmimg. Then, we all got to get in the water and swam some with Kara and Klete.  They taught us some drills and gave us tips on the flipturn. Next, we got to race them!! That was really fun. Finally, we got dried off and did some Q&A with them. It was amazing! If you are a swimmer and a Fitter and Faster Clinic is coming near you, it would definitely be a good idea to go and I think you will have so much fun! 


My Mal Costume for Hallooween!!

Have you seen Disney  Descendants? I read the book and watched the movie and I liked Mal. In New York City, we went to the Disney Store in Times Square. We looked around, and I saw the Mal costume. I really liked it. Because we could order it online, I decided to wait if I wanted it. Yesterday, mom surprised me!! She got it in the mail.

I can’t wait to be her for Halloween!

Who’s your favorite character from Descendants?? Here are some pictures and my video.

How to Make a Miniature Magazine for your Dollhouse #DIY lundby magazine

This is sooooo cool!! If you have a Lundby doll house, you can do all this awesome stuff to personalize your doll house. It’s FREE and very easy too. There’s only several easy steps to make a magazine for your dollhouse. You can see what I made below in my video. It is a swim magazine and turned out so cute.

  1. go to Lundby.com and click on do it yourself
  2.  upload 4 pictures for your magazine
  3. choose a tittle, and type it on the front
  4. print out your magazine
  5. glue or tape the two pages together
  6. give the magazine to your dolls

check out my video!