I love Cornell!

I went to Cornell this weekend, the school where my mom and dad went to college. It was soo fun! We stayed at The Best Western . It is soo awesome there! We had a great room with two queen beds, and a fireplace! Uncle Artie told us that there’s even a room with a hot tub in it and one of the college track runners was traveling for her meet and her flight got canceled and she stayed there and got the hot tub.

On Saturday, dad went to a meet at Barton Hall. He ran the mile. He got third and what’s really cool is that he used to run there in college and almost exactly 19 years ago, he ran his very best run ever for the mile at Harvard. He ran 4: 15! This time he ran 4:38.86. Here’s a picture of the score board:



Here’s a picture of the Clocktower on campus at Cornell:


I love Shopkins Season 2! #shopkins

These are soo cool! Season two Shopkins are great! There are fuzzy ones, sparkly ones, and normal ones. There are also new categories of Shopkins. There’s Homewares, Cleaning and Laundry, Shoes, and Baby. THere are still some of the same like fruit and veggies, Pantry, Sweet treats and a lot more. But in those, there are different Shopkins, just of the same category. There’s also 6 limited edition ones too. Here’s my video:

I love GoNoodle Brain Breaks!! :)

They are soo fun! My school does this and it is awesome! Whenever we feel tired, we get to get up and do a brain break. There are all different things you can do. You can do Zumba, do dancing activities , dance to a  Kidzbop song, or dance to a song from a movie, like Let It Go. There are also indoor recess ones for 14 minutes, calming , and  yoga. I liked it so much that I did it at home! Whats also really cool is that you get to choose a character and as you keep on doing 10 brain breaks, your monster thing grows hair, muscles, ears, and suits of armor. This is how my character looks:



I  love GoNoodle!

I love the American Girl of the year Grace Thomas!

Grace is sooo cool! I like her because she goes on a trip to Paris and when she gets home, Grace liked the pastries so much that she made her own bake sale with her friends! What Grace loves to do is bake with her friends and invent new recipes. What Grace discovers is that working together is the best way to succeed , you combine everyone’s special talents. Also, there are three Grace books. They are Grace, Grace Stirs it up, and Grace Makes It Great. The first two came out on New Years and the third will come out later. There’s also a movie that will come out this summer.
You can also see a video of the press kit me and my mom got sent. I really want Grace!!

I love Grace!Official Grace Thomas American Girl of the Year 2015 Photos and Images