My Great Zhu Amazing Zhus Magician Pets Video Demo #TheAmazingZhus

I love the Amazing Zhus! They even have one trick even my dad can’t figure it out! They are sooo cool. I can’t wait to try out all these amazing tricks with the help of my Amazing Zhus pet the one, the only, The Great Zhu!!!

I also have a stunt pet and they do SUPER COOL stunts!!! Here’s a video that I made to demo The Great Zhu and the tricks that even come in the box with him!!

Lite Brite Video

The first ever Lite Brite with reusable templates. It’s super cool and actually looks like a sign – you can even hang it to your wall! I love how it looks all lit up in a dark room !! Check out my video – this is a fun activity to do when you want to relax. you can make your own designs or use one of the cute templates they give you.