Chapter 3: Weather Report – Lilly Lobster and the Deep Dark Sea

Since Viiclorch destroyed all of the homes but my castle, I was letting all of the mer-people sleep and live in my castle.

For dinner we had shark nuggets with a side of seaweed salad. Yum!

We watched the news.

Oh no!!! The weather forecast was strange. The last few days we had had bright waters and plenty of dolphins. (Dolphins LOVE bright, warm waters.) Oohh!!!! The weather report is on now. Listen:

“Ok everyone, today we have a big drop from 96 degrees Merenheit to 5 degrees Merenheit.

All of the seahorses are strangely heading shallower to the EAST. A flock of jellyfish are heading our way which is east coming from the west. Major sandstorm coming from the south. Please remember to wear your tail coat and your sea shawls. 

See you tomorrow for our next news report on NB Sea.” 

Wow! We’re going to have too much bad weather. Here’s a map that you can look at for the full picture.