My Swim Ad

I love swimming!!!  You can see a poem I wrote below.  Dad helped me put it on a picture of me swimming freestyle so it would look like a cool Nike ad. Isn’t this cool????


THE POOL IS MY STAGE. There’s no acting involved, but there’s plenty of drama. My competitors are the cast. My coaches and teammates are the crew. My mom wrote the script, my dad did it too, it’s a lot of relaxation, but there’s plenty to do! AND ACTION !

Chapter 2: – Dark Magic in the Sea – Lilly Lobster and the Deep Dark Sea

Everyone quickly swam to Viiclorch’s evil black iron tower. Because of all the dark magic we were forced to use, the water had a black cloud in it. Usually, the water is sparkling like diamonds because of all the good magic we use. But now, it looked like the exact opposite!

Viiclorch’s tower was beginning to spiral.

It looked like one of those giant evil towers in one of those fairy tales about humans. I’ve always thought they could never exist in real life. Well, at least the humans. Some merpeople say that humans are real and claim that they saw them once.

But really, I don’t know what to believe………

Ever since Viiclorch took over our kingdom, everything has been confusing.

“Get to WORK!” Viiclorch sneered.

I quickly got back to work. Doing dark magic was TERRIBLE. All of the mermaids and mermen looked really tired from the exhaustion of performing dark magic. The Black Iron Tower was spiraling and looking more and more evil by the second. I was getting sooo tired.

“Lilly!” Allie whispered, ” Do you know when our next break is?”

“Not for a while,” I said, “Probably not until the next 2 hours. By then it will be dinner.”

“Okay,” said Allie, “I can’t wait until – ”

“SILENCE!!!” Viiclorch growled.

Well, I guess that was the end of our talk!



I Love Shopkins!!!

I love Shopkins! These are new in stores now and they’re really cute and fun to play with. There are 148 different Shopkins to collect. There’s all these different accessories and shops that go with them.

I think you will love them. I do!!!!

You can see my video of the Shopkins Small mart. My favorite part about it is that there is a little slide on it for the Shopkins to play with.