SportsMarch 1, 20142 Comments

I’ve Got Soul

Here’s a video my dad made about me and my brother Kyle and some of the fun things we did.

TravelFebruary 17, 2017

Born in China #disneysmmc #disneynature #borninchina

  I loved the Born in China movie! See it in theaters April 21.

ToysJanuary 4, 2017

Num Nom Lip gloss Truck

The Num Nom lip gloss truck is so cool! It’s a super cute ice cream truck with the

BooksDecember 17, 2016

Red Queen :)

I LOVED the Red Queen! If you love dystopian/sci-fi  books, you will love the Red Queen! here’s a

ToysMay 22, 2016

Wet Head Is Awesome!!!

Wet Head is a game where you put a hat on your head and depending on what sticks

ToysApril 29, 2016

I Love the TTPM toy fair! #TTPM #TakeAKidToWorkDay

I went with my mom for a take your kid to work day to New York. I had

BooksApril 28, 2016

I love Jacky Ha-Ha!!! #HaHaBookClub #JamesPatterson

Jacky Ha-ha is an AWESOME book about a girl who’s mom is away at war and her dad

my lifeMarch 31, 2016

I medaled at the Junior Olympics!! #Swimming #FunnestSport

I qualified for the swimming Junior Olympics in the mid atlantic region. It was amazing! In the 50

BooksMarch 31, 2016

Earthquake Science Fair Experiment Idea with iPhone App

For the science fair this year, I really wanted to use technology, so I looked for an app

my lifeDecember 31, 2015

5 going on 15!!

Oh my gosh look at this picture of me!!! I’m probably around 5 then, but with those sunglasses

UncategorizedDecember 26, 2015

I love BB-8!! #starwars #bb8

Isn’t he AWESOME?!? Santa gave him to me and Kyle for Christmas. Did you know you can control

BooksDecember 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Im soo excited! I finally got a computer!! ( which I’m typing this post with now 😉 )

UncategorizedDecember 9, 2015

Winter Garden & Holiday Dollhouse Tour #LundbyMakeover

Tis the season for snow! Even my Lundby Dollhouse is ready for the winter holidays! Instead of a

ToysNovember 3, 2015

I love the Winter Lundby Decorations! #LundbyMakeover

The Lundby sets for winter are awesome! I love them sooooo much. There’s a Gingerbread House, a Christmas

ToysOctober 11, 2015

My Unboxing Video of the Winter Lundby sets!

Check out my Lundby unboxing video! I love these awesome winter sets!